Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Computer Died

If any of you were wondering if I quit blogging.... NEVER! My computer died. Very sad day around here. I miss blogging. Love you all.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

First Snow!

This past week it has really started to get cold around here. I told the kids that if they're cold they should just wear their hats in the house. (heat is expensive)

Poor little buddies were freezing...

This morning we woke up early, ready to have a fun day of Christmas decorating.


Finalllly Macker with a real smile.

Family! The star!!!
Next we bundled up and got ready to play in the first snow of the year!
It was a true winter wonderland.
Mac hated the snow last winter but today he LOVED it! What a difference a year makes.
More June....
Sissy flew down the hill.
The kids got pretty tired on the walk home from the sledding hill.
Lucky for them, they have a really strong dad.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

We Love Grandpa!

When Grandpa was here he... rode bikes...

...patched walls...

... cleaned and organized the garage and hung bikes...
... planted bulbs...... took a train ride......played at the museum...
... toured downtown......played on the train...
...drove to Iowa and ate Thanksgiving dinner...

...and we had a great time. He's already back in sunny AZ.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

Our baby Junie turns 5 today!! We had a special time making cookies, just he and I.
Then the Harker family arrived from Iowa. We had a quick dance party then headed to Monkey Joe's.

Scott kept throwing June down by his toes.

Uncle Thad, Cousin Hanker, Scott and Scotty. Oh, yeah!! Happiness!

Hey, Snakeface.
Scary. Happy cousins. Ready for games.

First, Hot Potato.

Then Simon (Uncle Scott) Says.

Scavenger Hunt time!!
A clue...
The final prize!!

Happy Cousins!!

HAPPPPPINESSSS!!! DS and games. Thank you friends and family.

I-Touch with the little cousins.

Then Grandpa Tom arrived after driving 30 hours. We love him!! Fun at the park. So happy that there is still no snow.

Bike riding. Pure love. Tom is staying with us for the whole week!!