Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009 ** Updated!

We started the morning off at the Lincoln Park Zoo. It was freezing this morning so we just looked at the inside animals.
Family shot.
Christmas card picture?! Poor Mac.
Checking out the fish and monkeys.
In Illinois they start trick-or-treating at 3:00 in the afternoon. How weird is that? Sissy getting beautiful.
She requested RED!
Can you guess what Junie is?
You guessed it... a groom.
You can't imagine how many people asked me if he was PeeWee Herman.
Like I would really dress my 3 year old as PeeWee Herman. Macker was not happy with the boots.
He did like that orange ball.
They ran around the streets of Wheaton with their arms looped.
Where's Mac?
We came back to our neighborhood and ran into some friends. Jack and Shay.
Macker's first real trick-or-treating.
We waited for Scott to get home from work and then we did our neighborhood. (This time we put on warmer coats)


Jack and Shay's dad took these pictures with an awesome camera.

++++++++++++++++++++Aunt Karoline sent this, okay, he might have looked a little like PeeWee. ++++++++++++++++++++++

Friday, October 30, 2009

Special Helper

Scotty was so excited that Dad could help with pumpkin carving.
Not sure why his hands are in him mouth. Hello GERMS!!
More cutting...

Done, thumbs up!
I caught Sissy reading her school library books to Junedog. Love them.
Carving time again.
I love these dudes.
Scott looks like he's having fun.
Night show. About 5 minutes after this picture it started pouring and it hasn't stopped 20 hours later...


Scott and his intern stopped over to pick up something for church. Naturally, they did push ups with the kids.
Macker didn't want to be left out.
Time for some some yard work.
And jumping.
Macker loved the leaves.

Poor Macker, what's he gonna do with a shovel?


Junie lasted about 10 minutes.

This guy liked all the orange 'balls'.

Leaf throwing.
More leaf throwing.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Really Hate Cats

My dad is the king of forwards. I don't read or even open 99% of them, but today for some reason I did. I'm still laughing. Thanks, Dad.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday Evening.

When it's cold and raining the family gets a little crazy.
They make shapes with their bodies.
They try to make a pyramid.
They stand on one leg for 10 seconds.
I think it's gonna be a long winter...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas Card?

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We're Back!!!

We were soo sick and I am so thankful to say that we are done throwing up for the rest of our lives. We're done with temperatures. We're done with everything else related to sickness.

Junie is back to his old crazy self.
Macker found a comfortable way to relax at Target.
Oh, yeah!
Kings and queen of the mountain.
Loving the slide.
Pure joy!
"Help, Dad!! We can't find the path."
And their off!
Family shot. 10 second self timer. Macker!!! Darn it.!
Beautiful fall leaves.
Some lady asked to take a picture of our family. Sure.