Saturday, May 31, 2008


We had never been to the Oceanside and we loved it!! What a great place for kids. The pier was really huge and at the end is a Ruby's Diner.
There we are.
Thanks for posing guys!
Oceanside also had this great park right on the beach.
It wasn't crowded at all!
Fun in the sand.
Making cupcakes.
Testing the H2O.
Sweet feet.
2 happy kids.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We arrived at our favorite beach and it was a little freezing. The kids didn't mind at all.

Scott and Scotty playing ninja.

It started to get really cold so...
...we left and had a great time in Old Town San Diego. (Thanks for the recommendation Cassie!)
It started to warm up again so we went right back to the beach.
The water was a little cold.
The sand was fun.
Oh Yeah!!
The birds were bugging Junie.

He took care of them.
Our pirates.
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We surprised Amelia with a day at Disneyland for her 5th birthday. It's not till next week but the timing of our CA road trip worked out perfectly! We got up early and headed to the hot tub. It was freezing outside but the kids didn't seem to care.
Then off to Disneyland. The Marriott was just across the street from the entrance so we walked.
Can you feel the excitement?

Amelia posing with her A. (and a crazy little brother that didn't want to miss a thing)
Ready for our day.
Mickey in the flowers.
Just pointing at Mickey because the line was too long.
Making cool faces.
Scott and Sissy doing their moves by the castle.
Time for Dumbo!

All of the sudden while we were waiting in line at the Peter Pan ride he appeared!
The kids were amazed. Scotty kept calling him "our friend" the rest of the day.
So much love.
And hugs.
Can you tell June liked Disneyland?
Oh yeah!!!
Time for the Teacups!
The kids both wanted to be held... not by me, just Scott!
Scott found Goofy.
He couldn't get enough of him.
Sissy was happy to see Minnie too.
Our family.

Scotty needed to meet Minnie too.
We thought it was going to rain at a couple different points during the day when the sky got really dark but it never really did. We still put on our ponchos for fun. It was the perfect cool day.
Scott said I looked like a cone head. Thanks honey!
With the Fairy Godmother.
By the lake.
With the best toy in the world.
Sissy needed one too.
It looks worst than what it was.

The parade.
Amelia crashed but Scotty was still crazy!
Rocket ships.
Finally June passed out after 13+ hours of fun.
I would say it was the perfect day at the happiest place on earth! Happy 5th,Mini!!!!
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