Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paul Poops-a-lot

This little hunka burnin' love is having his 3rd set of tubes in the morning. He's also having his adenoids removed. Please pray for him. It's at 8:00am here in Chicago (6:00 in AZ) so I bet only Fun Kristi will be up to pray! Thanks guys.
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The Sprinkler

Sissy had the best time playing with the sprinkler.
Scotty, not so much.
I'm so thankful to have a yard.
Wonder if the neighbors think we're nuts?
Nice fit Junedog.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brotherly Love!

In the last couple of days Junie has started to notice that Macker is a little fun.
So they wrestle.
They even hug.
Then Junie's had enough.
But Macker isn't done.
So Junie chops him with his leg.
Macker tries to get away...
Junie won.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Update

On Friday my mom and 6 of her friends came to visit . Amelia and I had the best day shopping with them.

Macker loved all the attention.

So did Scotty.

Scones and coffee.

The best surprise came in the mail from a wonderful friend! Could the pillow look any better? Thank you, Mrs. Thoughtful!

Saturday we got up really early to stain the deck. It totally needed it!
My hard working husband.

The kids were trapped inside.

Almost done.

BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our little miracle boy pooped on the potty. THANK GOD!!

After that he needed a rest in the sun.

These crazies came for a visit.

Juniedog loves Uncle Lee.

The babies. Lulu shared her snacks.

Our family.

Some nice neighbors/friends from church gave us this climbing gym.





Mr. Hunk.

I think it's time for them to have another one. (hint, hint) Thanks for all the fun guys! You're welcome anytime!

Sunday after church seemed like a good time to completely gut the front yard.

This is a before picture. I know the trees look pretty but they were sooooo messy and you could hardly see the house. The area under them was full of weeds and junk.

Goodbye trees!

The cheering section was awesome.

We rented a chainsaw from HD and Scott took care of the messy, overgrown trees. What a stud.

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Macker likes Raspberries.


Hello house!! We decided to leave one of the trees. A nice neighbor came over and told us how to cut the tree so that it will grow back in a better shape. She even brought her clippers and helped! The nicest part is that she works in the office at the elementary school Amelia will be going to next year.
We took a little break to enjoy a Memorial Day Parade in Wheaton.
We ran into the Hogan family (worship pastor at church) and spent the parade together.
The babies.
Beautiful flags.
Mac loves suckers.
Sissy and Junie.
Back to work!
Scott worked like crazy all weekend! Here he is mowing.

After 6 garbage bags of yard waste we cleared the area and filled it with new top soil.

Finally... new sod.

Almost done!

Scott was a little dirty.

The finished product.

A different angle.

What the heck are we going to do with that tree in the driveway?!

New plants and mulch.

I think we're just about done with projects!!!