Saturday, September 29, 2007

Disneyland Day 1

Amelia and Scott's Grandma and Grandpa (Scott's mom and dad) took us on a dream vacation to Disneyland. We can't say thank you enough. It was perfect in EVERY way.
Sissy dressed like Minnie Mouse. I got the dress at a garage sale and then just glued the white circles on. She looked like a doll.

Junie thought she was pretty neat. The park was all decorated for Halloween. This is the letter A.Scott had to get in on the action.
Were here!!!

Checking out the map.
No time to wait in line to see Mickey, just point and smile.


Dumbo with Grandpa.
Mini and I on Dumbo too. It was one of our favorites.
June and Grandpa.
Tea Cups, oh yeah!!

This was Scotty's favorite ride. It was a fast little roller coaster and each time it was over he would say ChooChoo again. We did it quite a few times.

Can you see Scott and I?
I think the highlight of our trip was when out of nowhere MINNIE appeared. Amelia ran up and when Minnie spotted her she took her hand and when on a little walk together. It was amazing. We couldn't have planned it better.<img id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5115678429603321154" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="" border="0" />Junie wanted in on the action.Perfect picture of MINNIE and our Mini.I didn't get a picture but Scotty kissed her right on the nose. Minnie in a big chair in Minnie's house.
And a firetruck.
There's Grandma and the kids on the carousel. Singing I think.
Grandpa got each of the grandkids Mickey Mouse hats with their names on it. Scotty calls it his helmet.

Eating suckers.
Aunt Lizzy won the girls each a stuffed animal in claw game outside of Space Mountain. The girls thought she was amazing.

Point to Goofy.

California Adventure... oh yeah!!
We just happened to run into 3 princesses on our way to California Adventure. They even played a game with the girls.
Amelia got right in the center of the action. Surprise! Surprise!Sissy and Cinderella doing the Hokey Pokey. Mini and Snow White.
Mini and Cinderella posing...
We saw a performace of HSM and Amelia and Big Scott were singing every work. Can you feel the excitement?!

Amelia got to dance and perform with the cast. On to bumper cars.
And some bug rides.
The little balloon ride. (another favorite)Junie offically learned to do a THUMBS UP. He was so proud of himself.

Back to the parade. Wait up...
We had great seats for the parade.
Mary Poppins came over to say hello.
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It was an amazing day. We could not ask for more...

On our way to Disneyland

Waiting patiently...

Arriving... pillow fight and jumping on beds...

Crazy Dad

Family picnic before bed.
(Scott has on the princess shirt cause he pooped on his only pair of pajamas.)
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Amelia and Scott wanted to take their nap together today. How could I say no?

They even faked that they were asleep, too bad they didn't realize I have a monitor in there and I heard them having fun.
Nice try guys. I took Junie to his room and he was quite sad for about 10 seconds till he was sleeping for real.
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