Sunday, May 30, 2010

Special AZ Visitors

Gaynor and Jon took time out of their busy Chicago vacation to spend the evening with us. We love them and time went too quickly but next time they promised to bring their boys!
We're off to Nanny and Papa's for the night! Hoooray!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beautiful Saturday!!

My little sweethearts.
We road our bikes to the French Market in Wheaton.
Macker was a little bit crabby.
Junie turned around to tell Sissy something and landed right in the bushes. hahah Big Scott saved the day.
A quick stop at Caribou.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


If you have known me longer than about 5 minutes then you know that I LOVE flowers!! This has been one of the most perfect springs and in the last few weeks our backyard has been full of the most beautiful flowers. This morning it was the Peonies that are now if FULL bloom.

It made us want to dance....
(world's longest family backyard dance video)

And laugh...

And be cool?
And act like Princess Leia.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My JuneDog

Scotty had his last day of 3 year old preschool (park day) yesterday. His teachers have been so loving and sweet to our crazy boy. I was reminded by a blog this morning to be so thankful for how far our little MSG (Mr. Short Gut).

2 days after he was born I never dreamed he'd someday be a healthy hunk-of-love.
Each day with each of our kids is a gift and I'm so in love with them.
I know God has special plans for my sweet Scotty and I'm just so thankful I get to be his mom.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Splash Pad Season

The gentlemen and I had a free day today and I searched the internet and could not find an open water/splash pad in our entire area so we packed our lunch and took off for the city.
Macker wasn't sure about laying under "The Bean" but he really wanted to be like June.Macker was excited to splash.
He didn't stop running.
Junie jumping.
SICK!! Why does Junie think it's normal to drink the water?
Junie loved the waterfall. Can you spot my dudes?
Having such a great day makes me really excited that summer is almost here. I really missed having Sissy with us.... only 2 more weeks and she's done!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Who Needs a Swingset?


Scotty had his last soccer game so we decided to take a family bike ride to get there.
It was about 5 miles to get there... we took the prairie path and the kids did AWESOME!!

We made it!!
Macker was happy too.
Just in time for the Parade of Players.

Scotty and his team.

Macker was ready to go!
Closing ceremonies.
His medal and a new Bible. (it's Wheaton)We stopped at the French Market for donuts and dancing.
Lately the teenagers are all about making a secret hide out. This is beside the front of our house...what must the neighbors think? I served them lunch.
They were out there for hours! So thankful for sunny weather.

Friday, May 21, 2010


The boys and I walked up to school to see Amelia. Here she is with her team.

The boys and I cheered Amelia on!

Go, Sissy, Go!!

Poor Macker wanted to be with Sis the whole time.
He thought he was so cool.
June just chilled.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Go, Go Jonah + Soccer + Dance

Friday night Sissy had her big performance. She joined "Glory Kids" choir at church at the beginning of the year and she has loved every second of it! They practiced every Sunday during the 11:15 service.

Amelia did such a good job and she told me how great it was to be 'little' because she got to be in the front row!

Can you tell how much fun they had?

Love her.

Having Nanny and Papa there was the best part.

Early Saturday morning we headed out to Scotty's soccer! Scotty isn't a big fan of the beach ball but he still did his best.

Go Junie!!

Team shot!!

On to dance!

Amelia did such a good job.

She looked at Scott and I the whole time!
See what I mean?

Amelia is a total rule follower... she stayed in this pose for about 10 minutes... Scott and I were laughing our heads off...
Junie liked it.
Ready to give Sissy her flowers? (nice face)
Here he comes!
There you go, Sis!
"I can't help it, I just have to kiss her cause she's the best."
We got home and Scott and Amelia did their famous move! THE STAR!!!