Thursday, December 31, 2009

Zoo Lights

We were cold but having fun.
Macker and Sis having a little rest.
The kids and their friends Jack and Shay.
Having fun with our friends.
My favortie big boy!!
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DEC 26th

The day after Christmas started early when we all gathered for our traditional Ebelskiver breakfast. And our 12 Days of Christmas sing along.
Nanny and Papa.
Slim Scotty in his new sweater.
12 Days

Cousin Lulu getting impatient and Aunt Karoline looking happy.
After breakfast it was time to dance!!

Sis and Nan enjoying birthday cake for Baby Jesus.
Cousin Hank and Junedog.
Scott and Scott.
Getting ready for some family Christmas caroling.
Scott and Karoline in matching Northies.
Hey kids, who's ready for some caroling?!?!
Papa "borrowed" the bus from the old people home where he works. Can you feel the excitement?

On the road.
The guitar player was the best!
First house and a quick family picture.
Is that Bono?
Here's Mac's face when he realized he's the only one is a car seat.
Nan and Kers.
The Harkers minus Haddie's eyes.
Nan and Macker.
Family dance party, then back to the bus.
Next stop. Hey, that's a Chicago friend in CR! Macker was happy to see the Hogans.
On to the Duvel house. Sissy and precious baby MacKenzie.
My mom and Becky have been BFF's for over 35 years!
Enjoying the new baby.
Casey and Becky.
The next morning the kids wanted to do some more singing and dancing.
We finally hit the road and headed to Muscatine to see these crazies.
The babies had fun in their giant backyard.
This poor guy had to stay inside.
On the road back to Chicago after a perfect weekend.
When we got home we couldn't get into our driveway because of all the snow. Scott jumped out and saved the day with our awesome snow blower.
The end.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day

Our Christmas Eve service at church was so special. The kids loved the candles.

There were so many people (2700) at the 4:00 service that we sat in the balcony on the floor. Amazing.

Here they are in the hallway at church.

After church we went to some friend's house for dinner. It was so special to celebrate with them. Birthday cake for baby Jesus and all. There were 14 kids there and Sissy was loving all the little girls.

Santa came and brought each kid a Webkin.

This is Scotty's special friend Abby and he loved being at her house to play.

When we left their house we relaized that the weather was getting pretty bad and the news said it was only going to get worse. We gave the kids the option of leaving for Nanny and Papa's house that night and they really wanted to go but they were worried about Santa finding us. Amelia saved the day with a quick note.

We loaded up the car and took off. We arrived at 12:30am. Thank God.

The next morning we were up bright and early to read the Christmas story. (the boys were really into it, can you tell?)
Stocking candy!!!!!

Macker helped with the clean up.

Pirate ship!!



Did I mention that Amelia got a makeup set for Christmas? Aunt Karoline was a good sport. This picture is not a whole lot different than she looked in high school before she discovered tweezers.

Miss Murray's makeup shop.

Nanny and Karoline.

Manly men.

Sissy and Dad.

Fun in the kitchen.

Aunt Kers and Uncle Thad.
All the crazy cousins.

New Bumble Bee costumes and GaGaGreenGuy hands. Nice Left Junie.

More makeup. This time it was Uncle Lee's turn.

Macker just observed and took pictures.

This BumbleBee got a new sweater.

Aunt Kers got a turn too.
Sis with Cousin Haddie.
Another right hook.
All the loving cousins.