Saturday, December 29, 2012


The whole gang was wide awake at 5:35am

Good morning, Sammer.

Macker's new shirt.

After breakfast and cleaning up the house, we loaded the van and headed to IOWA!
 Macker was a little tired.
We arrived and everyone was excited to see each other.

There was dress-up.

Bird feeding.

Treat eating.

2 year old cousins.

Big boy cousins.





4 year old, cookie eating cousins.

Wii playing.

Then we loaded the bus and headed out for caroling.

My boys.


The family.

Girl cousins.
Scott and I.

Junedog and Lu.




Good job, Nanny.

Sammer wasn't a huge fan of snow in his face.




Tea party.


Nanny nearly burned down the house and then it was time to head home.
Thankful for the fun Christmas.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we volunteered to watch 3 year olds, as a family, during a service at church.

The little kids liked Scoot singing with the guitar.
 Sammer, the cool guy.

Our family.

Me and Sammer.

Macker got to hold a candle during Silent Night. Do you think he was happy about it?
Sweet faces.

We came home and surprised the kids with new jammers.

The kids all shared our air mattress as the waited for Santa.


Christmas Eve Eve

We had a great family night watching a video of the Nativity.

Everyone had a comfy spot.

When it was over we acted it out. (Sissy as Mary, Dad at the Donkey)

Macker as Joseph.

Sammy= Baby Jesus.