Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Begins

Our friends came to town to spend the weekend celebrating Labor Day together! Thankful.
We spent a couple hours at the public pool and then finished the night around the campfire.
Sweet memories.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Catching Up

I've been finding the sweetest deals lately at garage sales. My latest, this awesome popcorn maker. A while ago my neighbor made the kids a giant bowl of the best popcorn. She told me she made it with  a West Bend Stir Crazy. I've been looking since then. Last Friday, I FOUND IT. $2.00!!
We're all a little bit addicted.
Scoot and I celebrated our 13th anniversary. I'm thankful.
A wonderful friend of ours offered to babysit for us (FOR FREE)! So thankful. We hoped on the train and had a great date in the city.

I love my Scoot.
Macker had been doing awesome with his training wheels. Yesterday the little boys and I went for a Macker's first big ride on the prairie path. It was awesome for the first 20 minutes...
Then Macker road off the prairie path down a 3 foot drop and ended up head/face first in a muddy creek/ditch.  He wasn't hurt, but he was angry. Poor angry dude.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


A couple weeks ago Scott came home from work and asked Sissy if she'd be willing to be part of a little singing/skit at church. She was so excited!
 This morning she was a little nervous when she left the house but you never would have known. She did such a great job.
 If you were wondering, yes, Scoot and I both cried.

I found this picture on FB that someone had taken from the balcony. (Thanks, CM)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let the Fun Begin

Three soccer games at three different locations all at 10:15am. Ahhhhhhh!!! I wish I could have been in 3 places at once. First I dropped off Sissy then I dropped off Scotty. Then I went back to watch Sis. Then I came back to see Scotty. Then I went back to see Sissy end her game. Scott spent the morning with Macker because it was his first game ever. When Mac's game was over he picked up Scotty and brought him over to Sissy's field. I took the boys home, he took Sissy to church for a music practice.

Bulldog, (Sissy's soccer nickname) was amazing today. I'm so proud of her and the way she gives 100%.
 Scott took his good camera to get sweet shots of Mr. Spicecake.
 This cracks me up.
 Nice new GarageSaleShoes. Who cares if they are 2 sizes too big.
 Every picture of him makes me laugh.
 It was really hot today, maybe he was just taking a break?!
 I love fall soccer. I can't think of a more fun way to spend our Saturday mornings from now till Halloween!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Now that my favorite older childern are at school alllllll day, I'm spending my time with these 2 naughties sweethearts. Today was Sammer's first visit to the dentist.

He was PERFECT!  Dr. Lambert is such a kind and gentle man (he is a volunteer in the Jr. High youth group and a good friend of Scoot).
They said his teeth are looking great.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day of School

Scoot took the 2 big kids to a special back-to-school breakfast.  This was the picture he texted me. Do you think Juner had enough chocolate chip pancakes?
I love each of their faces in this picture.

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First day of first grade. 

Fourth grade, seriously? 

Smile Sammer!

He's 4.

My school kids!

We met in our neighbors driveway so that we could all walk to school together. So special.
Do you see Sissy's fancy backpack? She had been wanting a Vera Bradley backpack so much. It reminds me of how much I wanted an ESPRIT bag in 6th grade. This past Sunday one of my friends GAVE one to her, along with a matching lunch bag (it was her daughter's old one). You can imagine how happy that made Amelia. Again, so thankful.
 It was like a parade. It's hard to imagine that this will all be covered in snow in the next couple of months. (I know, Debbie Downer)
 Our gang, with their school in the background.
 Juner and 2 of his good buddies.
 Scotty's teacher seems soooo nice and loving.

Amelia's teacher is precious Miss Clark. She was actually Sissy's first grade teacher and we LOVE her. As Amelia would say, "She's super strict and nice all at the same time". 
Today was not an easy day. I really missed them. Scotty came home happy, Amelia on the other hand, was pretty sad not to have her good friends in her class this year. Thankfully, Scott had a long talk with her and she was smiling at the end. It's one of the many times I'm glad the kids have such a loving dad.

Last Day of Summer!

Our last day of summer break was spent doing what the kids love most, PLAYING OUTSIDE!
We met our friends at our favorite park for lunch.

Macker started soccer. He was so nervous (crying) but after about 5 minutes he yelled over to me, "THIS IS AWESOME"

We ended the night with a fire. 


Sweet girls!

My nice neighbor Tamara and her sweet baby Johnny. (Seriously, the first time I've seen him cry). 

The crazy 4 year olds.

What special friends.
I'm thankful for every moment of summer 2012.