Sunday, December 30, 2007


This is the fluffy kind of snow that's too hard to make a snowman. Not for Nanny, she found a way.
Sissy loved her...

Frozen meatball eyes, a celery nose and a mouth made out of almonds. Perfect.

More Fun

Aunt Karoline, Uncle Lee and Scott.
A double airplane ride.

Giving love.
Breakfast with Papa.
June and Nanny playing in the play room.

Time for a walk.
And they're off...
Junie wanted to walk instead.
Nanny and June
The gang going down Karoline's alley.

The queen of the mountain.

Where's Amelia?!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Scott found this icicle for Mini.
My mom and I.
Just enjoying the backyard.

My dad blowing Karoline's driveway.
Eating the snow... not the yellow part.

Time for snow!

June catching snow on his tongue.
Sissy loved the snow. She climbed all over the place.
June wasn't as sure.
Over to the sledding hill up the street from my parents house at my old high school.
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Our fam.
Top of the hill.

Bottom of the hill.

Junie was a little nervous after he went down really fast with Scott.

Cousin Love!

What trip to Nanny's house wouldn't be complete without frosting cookies.
More loving cousins at the ID.
Then they put on a show for us.
They couldn't stop cracking up.
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Thursday, December 27, 2007


We told everyone we were going to California but we were really going to Iowa to surprise our family and play in the snow.
We got about an hour and a half outside of Albuquerque when we came upon a HUGE snow storm. We turned around and drove (10mph) back to Albuquerque to spend the night at a Marriott.

We really thought we were going back home but after listening to the weather reports we decided to take off and go the northern route.
We woke the kids and took off for Colorado, Nebraska and then IOWA!!
Back in the car...

Notice the snow in the background...

Scott Drove....

and drove...

and drove...

and drove...

My dad ran outside to meet us. After 20 straight hours in the car.

And 3:30am we arrived and Amelia woke Nanny singing Rudolph...

At first she was scared.

Then she started liking it.

It's been snow and fun ever since...

Christmas Morning

Mini and June with Grandpa and Grandma and their new guitars.
Giving cousins love from a distance. Rylee was sick:(
Uncle Scott and cute Cousin Addison.
Sissy and Grandma giving some love.
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