Friday, November 30, 2012


They other night Sissy and Juner called us down to the basement to "show is something".

They were so proud of their show. When you can't play outside...

Please ignore the messy basement.

Macker got in on the action too.
3 minutes and 6 seconds of pure talent.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Tree

The kids were so excited for the Christmas decorations.

Macker "helped" Sam play with the Little People nativity.

Oh Sammer, it's not real!!

Sweet Sis.

The dudes.



There might have been a little disagreement regarding who would put the star on the tree. Scoot had the perfect solution...


Thank God for a really strong dad.

You all would have been receiving this picture in your mailbox if Sam would have gotten the memo about smiling...

Front tree, YEAH!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

So, we left our house at 4:40am on Thanksgiving morning to fulfill a dream of ours mine. As you all know, I love parades and seeing the huge Chicago Thanksgiving one was too good to be true. When we turned down State Street it was pretty much empty. haha We might have been a little bit early.

Everything I read online said to arrive early for a good spot.  We scored the coolest seats in the heart of where all the action was going to take place. Scott dropped us off with all our gear then he parked the car.

We choose this spot because there was no way anyone could stand right behind us. (except David Beckham)

6:15am and we were ready. Notice a couple more spectators in the background.
 After we secured our sweet seats, these crazies and I took a walk to check things out.

We stumbled upon this crazy music video. Notice the EMPTY bleachers.

We talked to all the TV crews.


Our family.

Let the fun begin! 

Sis and Dad did some tricks for the crowd!

Thumbs up, the parade is beginning.

The view of the Chicago sign from our seats.


Mr. Potato Head.



The end. 

Oh, the crowds...

Our tired family.
On our way to the car we found these guys!

About 5 minutes after we buckled him, he was OUT!

Looks like this gentlemen might have forgotten something....
After some serious naps we celebrated as a family.***

Thankful for these crazies around the table.
The end.
*** We had plans with our precious neighbors but their family got super sick so we got a ready-made dinner at the grocery store, hence the black plastic containers. It was actually really good.