Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Park

Time for the NorthFace. (thank you Last Chance)
The park was beautiful.
Sissy was missing her friends.
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Monday, September 29, 2008

1st Day of School

Ready for school.
Scotty and I walked and the other 2 rode. She loved school and the teacher told me she was great and she even made a couple of friends.
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Family Evening

We went for a walk to check out our neighborhood last night. In this picture on the left is Amelia's school.
Here's her playground.

Scott did this for you Mikele. Mac and the BlackBerry.

The field at her school.

Sissy and the flowers.

Do a nice face June.

I am.

First offical family dance party on Main St. in Wheaton. I'm glad it was dark.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

1st Weekend

My mom and dad took the kids on the train to the city. The train station is literally less than a block from our house. The kids were cold and wanted to wear jackets.

Lucia and McCoy.

Mac is trying hard to hold up his head. I wonder if I should start giving him tummy time daily? I've been sooo busy.

Aunt Karoline worked so hard organizing the kids room for me. I'm really thankful for all the years she worked at the Gap. Her folding skilled are pretty amazing.
The closets. Twinnies.
Mac was done but I think Lulu would have smiled all day.

Our family finally together.
We went to church today and it was great. People are bringing us meals the next 2 weeks and we are thankful. The kids like sharing a room.Junie's bed.Sissy's bed. Hey Justin Newman, do you see why the green couches were so important? Thanks dude. Our little kitchen.

The end.

We're here.

My sister Karoline and her daughter Lulu surprised us and came to help unpack. She's just 5 weeks older and she and Mac are going to be bestfriends.

You know how they always say if you want to look thin then don't be in the front of the picture... obviously Lulu hasn't been taught that yet.
They love Nanny.

More fun with Nanny.

We signed Amelia up for school and she got to see her class and meet her teacher. It was great and everyone was really nice.
*They asked for no-relative emergency contacts and I left it blank because I have NO friends. If you were wondering I did feel like crying a little.
Her school is just 4 beautiful blocks away so we walked. She starts Monday and it's just 9:15 to 11:45 everyday.

I'm really happy for her.

Chicago Here We Come!

The kids did great on the plane.
The only sad part was went I went to turn on Enchanted and the DVD player didn't work. I almost started crying. Needless to say Junie was a nut and the man in the seat in front of him hated us. Mac slept the entire time. Thank God.

Love him!
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Last Day.

Sissy and Madison saying bye.

Last drive on our street.
Last picture of our house. (What happened to that darn tree?)
Last look at DV.
Last time at Chandler and 32nd.

Last time seeing the Pecos sign.

Last drive down the 202.
Last time seeing the freeway ends sign.
Last time at Chandler and 32nd.

Last time seeing Scott's Starbucks.

Last time seeing my Trader Joe's.
Last time seeing my Fry's.
Last time seeing our 24 hour Walgreens.

We're finally at the airport and ready to board the plane to take us to see Dad.