Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Sunny Day

My 3 BFF's and I were looking for an adventure. We decided our fun activity for Thursday would be downtown to our favorite spots. First stop... Millennium Park. They have an interactive kids program everyday in the summer. Here there are hoarding all the bean bags. What you can't see are the angry faces of the children around them waiting their turn... ooops.
Hot moves, Sissy. Even that little guy couldn't help but stare.
What do you think? Is this a framer? I might submit it here.
Craft time. Macker ate an entire orange marker during this project.
Time to hang them. Junie coached the poor volunteer about exactly where his house should go.

Bean time!! One of these kids is doin' his own thing. One of these kids just isn't the same.
I can't tell you how long he laid this way staring at himself with a cracker in his mouth. Yep, free fun.
Guys, pose for me and you can have your 14th bag of gummie snacks.
Poor Macker, he didn't have any clean swim trunks so I broke out these oldies. He looked at them really strange and tried to pull the legs down. He then looked at me and asked, "These broken?"
No way!! They're perfect... time to dance.
Then we walked to the American Girl Place on Michigan Ave. On the way there we passed some vender's handing out FREE juice. Each kid got 12 ounces all to themselves. They thought it was Christmas, not having to share. The only catch, it was a new Minute Maid Enhanced Strawberry Kiwi with Yerba Mate. The Yerba Mate is a "natural" caffeine. The lady let me know that 12 oz of this magic juice is the caffeine equivalent of 2 Cokes. Neat. Needless to say after finishing their juice they were in rare form.

American Girl Star.
Macker tried out each stroller, toy and doll he could reach.
Hey, that looks like fun.
As we were exiting the Ghiradelli Chocolate Store (we only walked in got a free sample and turned around and walked out) we noticed some cool guys with large pretend Twizzlers on their back. We crossed the street and they handed us a new candy to try... SWEET AND SOUR TWIZZLERS. The reviews were mixed. Sissy liked the red only. Junie loved them all even though he said they hurt his tongue (he also had "loose stools" after) and Macker took one bite and spit it everywhere.
Overall, the perfect day in the city with my 3 bff's.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

2nd Birthday and a Family Reunion...

Aunt Karoline is 15 weeks pregnant and not feeling very well in the mornings. If any of you know us well you know that our house is loud and crazy by 6:15am. At home she and Lulu sleep in till 8:00 but while they were here they pretended to be Murray's. We went to garage sales, the park, the pool, the mall etc. We also had a water obstacle course in our backyard. Sissy and Junie wanted Aunt Karoline to do it... she was a good sport.
Twice around...
Into the goal.
Around the chairs.
Nice job!! The kids were happy.
This picture is mostly of my pepper plants.
Sweet garage sale finds. Fifty cents each was too hard to pass up. More dress up.
I hope big Scott doesn't check this post. He might be a little mad about Macker in a dress...

Macker wondered into our room before 6 and I gave him a some birthday love. He kept saying "I two years" We waited for the kids to wake up. They came downstairs together singing happy birthday. They had been making cards and wrapping presents up in Sissy's room. Sis gave him one of her favorite shinny coins and Scotty gave him one of his silly bandz.
When the visitors heard all the noise they couldn't help but wake up and join the fun. We ran out the door for some birthday donuts. We brought candles and a great time.
Macker, how's the donut??

Our community had a huge storm and tons of flooding. The kids loved it.
When we got home we all kicked off our shoes and took a walk around the block to find more water.
The kids loved walking in the rain.
Next up, the Illinois (my dad's side) family reunion. All the birthday boy wanted to do was kiss Nanny.
Nanny and the boys.
My wonderful Grandparents (each 90) with all the great-grandchildren in our family.
Grandma Marge and Sissy.
Sissy and Macker on a real firetruck ride.
Cousin Hanker.
Sack races!!
Here's a picture of all the the great grandchildren. 20!
What a great 2nd birthday!

Friday, July 23, 2010

We Heart Our Cousin

Big Scoot is in AZ so I'm really thankful my sister and her daughter came to keep up company for a few days. These babies are only 4 weeks apart and wherever we go people ask if they're twins.
Sprinkler time!
Holding hands...
So much fun.
Lulu calls my kids Cuzzies. (cousins) We're off for another fun day.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Someone Got Glasses!

Sissy got her new glasses today. We found these cute ones at Costco and she loves them.
She doesn't have to wear them all the time, just reading and ipoding...
I love having Amelia as my daughter!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Scott was busy all day Saturday with a ministry event so the kids and I decided to go on an adventure. We arrived at the train station at 6:30am and caught the first train. The babies were excited.
Transformer 3 has been filming on Michigan Ave and the kids and I needed to get in on the action. Although the streets were blocked off we could still see some cool smacked cars.

The bridge was up...

I can't begin to tell you how hot and humid it was that day. The kids and I walked from the train station to Michigan Ave and they were burning up.

It was so worth, can you see the car hanging over the edge?

Some people told us to wait on this bridge because people were jumping off the Trump Tower. We did and it was AWESOME. The stunt guys actually jumped out of a helicopter behind the tower but it looked like they were jumping off the building. (I videoed it but can't upload, stupid Motionbox) Can you see the platform in the Chicago River? That's were they landed.

They were filming a sceen right on those stairs.

Burned out boat.

See the cool cars in the background. Cool!


Walked to Navy Pier and I enjoyed the AC while the kids played like crazy.

Selling ice cream.


Seriously, MACKER!!!

Pretended to be on a bus...

Watched a FREE pirate show.

Took a bus to our favorite splash pad.

Cooling off.

Macker was so hot and tired he spent the majority of his time like this.

Sissy was loving it!

Then back to the train. 3 tired little sweethearts. I love spending my day with them.