Friday, June 25, 2010

Busy Week

This has been quite a week for the Murray family. Scooter has been on a mission trip since Father's Day, to downtown Chicago. He and some of his Jr. High kids are working with an inner city church doing a little bit of everything. The weather has been hot and sticky with some huge storms mixed in. They had a sewage pipe burst/back up in the basement of the building they are staying in so needless to say they are "roughing it". I'm proud of the way God is using him. The babies and I really miss him and it was great to meet them for they're night off. Sissy has been in the coolest VBS this week and she is loving it. It's a total musical camp and tonight it's the performance. Stay tuned for pictures.
Scotty has had t-ball at the park district. He's a rock star.
Macker and I have had fun driving the teenagers to all their activities.
Sissy's also had dance class but we've still found time to make it to the pool just about everyday. I love summer. (PS- our plants are really growing!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Our family! The day started at 2:45am when our alarm when off. By 3:00 we were in the car and on our way to caravan with our friends. The kids stayed sleeping and so did I, thanks to my wonderful driver, Scott. Parking lot ready for the fun to begin.
Who's excited!?!?!?!

Let the picture taking begin.

DO you think the kids were exited? They were quickly asked to get down.
Group shot.
"Hey kids, just point at Mary and Burt."

"Hey, Pinocchio."


Although we didn't wait in line for any other characters... this guy was worth the wait!


More hugs.


High 5's.

One last hug! Pure love.


Let the rides begin.

Heather got a piece of pizza and my children thought it was for them. Thanks Heather.

Scott had Cheetos and the kids attacked him!

Kel taught Macker a new trick! translation... KEL. IS. AWESOME.



Kater and June had the front row.

We all loved this ride. Kater was way more brave that my little Junie.

Who needs a double stroller?


The dudes.

It's a small world.

The Wallace's.




Waiting for Pirates! Macker!!

Yo, ho, yo, ho a pirates life for me!

The matching kids. (nice face Colin)

Time for some more fun.

Jump picture!

Dinner and balloons.

Naughty Macker was so happy with his sword.

We started to get a little crazy. Not sure if you can see Junie's face, but he's having a fit over his STUPID sword poping.

Kel, getting her second wind.

The Murray Boys!

Keep your eyes on Colin.


Tea Cups. I almost lost it on this one. (too much spinning.)

Thumbs up from the dudes.

Saving our spot for Fantasmic. The end. We spent from 10:30am till midnight at Disney and it was the best day ever.
Thanks friends for being so spontanious! What special memories!