Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is IT!

I'm leaving today for ETHIOPIA!!! Please feel free to follow our journey HERE!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Our family is so in love with bike riding. We took the Prairie Path to Scotty's last soccer game.

We found a sweet park that had just been redone with a ZIP LINE!

Where will Sam sit? On Sissy's lap?!

Super Mac!

Then we went to the French Market in Wheaton.

On the big bridge.

Fancy Aunt Karoline sent us a new double stroller for Macker and Sam. I'm so excited and thankful. The kids were way more into the box.

It was actually turned into a Star Wars ship.

The real MAC!

Soccer in the grass.

We have a stinkin' raccoon. It's been thrashing our backyard. When we forget to pick up toys he ruins them. He popped Macker's ball.

Sad Macker!

That's a Nerf ball, shreaded.

Our boys have been driving us a little crazy but this seems to do the trick.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

glory kids

My mom and dad AND my grandparents all spent the day with us on Friday. They came to town for Sissy's big Glory Kid's performance. It was the perfect weather and we spent the majority of the day outside.

I think Grandpa Jack is really embracing his Ethiopian great-grandson's heritage.

We found this baseball tee at a garage sale this morning. The boys love it!

Nanny set the ball up for Mac no less than 50 times.

Macker is a natural slugger.

How do you like our grass... stupid grubs have taken over....

Love for Grandma Marge.

Love for Grandpa Jack too.

At the play land.

The June my grandparents will have been married 70 years. Isn't that amazing?

I need to tell you that poor little Junie had TERRIBLE GAS, or as we call it at our house, piggiebums. The smell took over our entire section (right, Stephanie?!) and at first I thought it was my 91 year old grandparents... it was just Junie. People were crying with laughter. Remember.... he's been through a lot....


Sweet moves.

Sissy on the big screen.

Marching around Jerrico 7 times. (photo by my blog-stalking friend, Stephanie)


Sissy #1 fan.

Grandpa Jack and Grandma Marge! (we loved having them)

Nanny and the babies.

3 little naughties. (that is Macker's nice smile)

The most special surprise was seeing Amelia's teacher. Earlier in the week Amelia and her friend Tyson had invited Miss. Campbell to the performance. When Amelia saw her it was such a sweet moment. I love Amelia's school and I'm so thankful for her loving teacher.

Best Friends

These two dudes have been the best of friends lately. I couldn't find them the other day...

The closet doors were closed.

I can't wait for Sam to join the fun.

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Sissy was a star.

We love her so much!




Her number one fan.

Her other #1 fan!

I don't want to forget to mention her 1st top tooth!

Pure sweetness.

The kids and I wait on the corner of our street for Scoot to get home from work. A bike ride just isn't as fun with out him.

Macker is a big boy. This was his very first time on the potty. So proud of him.