Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 4

Another perfect day at the beach, we all walked together!


The little walk to the beach!

Colin and Juner, buddies for life.

My football stud!


We found a bunch boogie boards at the rental house!! The kids loved it!

No sharks!

Kel and Sammer!

The did this forever!

Sissy the surfer!
Mr. Coolguy!


Miles, Kater and Sis.

Sean and Madison!

Our babies.
Little bros!

Oh, Sam!

Standing Sam!
Heather and Jen!

All the gang!
Our whole gang went to check out the Currituck Lighthouse.

It was beautiful.

We took some family pictures.

Sam and I stayed on the group while the rest of the gang climbed to the top.


At the top.
The view!

The Williams family.
The Kings!
I love this picture so much because Jen NEVER takes a bad picture. She is perfect, like a supermodel always... well, almost always.
This night was game night and I don't have any pictures but trust my we laughed and had fun.
*Most of the really fancy, artistic pictures are taken by Josh with his sweet camera.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pure Love

Have I mentioned how wonderful our Sam is doing?

He's busy and on the go every second.
This is his favorite spot.

He gets into everything.

He's strong and healthy.

That face! He's irresistible.
Today is the first day he's made it all the way up the stairs before I got to him.

Do you think it's time for a baby gate?

It is a joy to have Sam in our lives. I love being his mom. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 3

The morning couldn't have started off any better. These 2 made delicious pancakes for the whole house.

Thumbs up, Luker!

Good morning! I really want June to marry Madison someday...

He might need to act a little less crazy if he wants to woo her...
Sweet boys!

All the babies on the beach.

After a full morning at the beach we all came back and chilled in our pool and hot tub.

Each day the kids ate lunch on the deck.
They were starving from all the swimming, sand and boogie boarding.
My sweet Sam.
This was a very special night for the kids. Because we are not able to be together on each of their birthdays we have a huge group birthday party! The kids get sent to a different floor while we set up the fun.
Then we turn the music up as loud as we can. With "happy birthday" blaring... we made a human tunnel and they all come running! They followed Sean,  run up oldest to youngest!

Here's Sis! Each of the kids gets so excited!

Precious Juner!

Jordan and Luker!
Can you feel the love?

Robyn and Jen planned the whole birthday party.
They each got to make their own ice cream clown. You think Junie liked it?

Sammer was happy too!
Typical Mac face.
Sweet Madison!

Sunburned Sissy.
Kater Lou!

Some of the dads observing the fun.
Robyn joining them?
Jen MADE each of the girls matching skirts complete with hair bows.
They loved it!! (The socks are a tradition too)
When all the kids were off playing with their new gifts Macker was still at the table eating candy.
After the party we all gathered together to sing worship songs together.

Scoot surprised the kids with a Theatrical Performance. (he does these at night for our kids sometimes instead of books)

The kids and adults LOVED IT! (so we did it every night)
Look at those cute faces!

The kids were cracking up!

Sweet faces.

When it was done it was time to dance!

Sam got nonstop love from everyone! It was amazing.
*Don't worry, this is only Monday.