Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet Visitors

Sam and Jacob lived in the same transition home (orphanage) in Ethiopia. We met and became friends with his mom and dad back in April. They live in Galesburg, IL (about 3 hours away) and we always talked about how fun it would be to get together someday.
The Mowen family spent about 2 months in Ethiopia waiting to pass court and bring Jacob home. They came to Chicago this weekend to spend time with us and welcome another little girl home from Ethiopia. We had a blast together laughing and reminiscing.

The boys loved checking each other out.

They are only about 2 months apart and they could pass as twins.


Mac was not really excited about having his picture taken.

Jacob's parents, Brad and Tara are starting the process again to adopt from Ethiopia. The crazy/exciting part is they are requesting a sibling group of up to 4 kids. Yes, you read that right. The kids could be between the ages of 0-14 years! We were saying they might reconsider a big family after 24 hours of Murray Craziness.

Our kids loved the new water-sprinkler-ball-shooter thing that the Mowen's gave us and the dads and babies watched all the action.


Tara and the sweethearts.

We had a wild and crazy time at Ikea and the babies laughed.

We also met the Snyder family in Ethiopia last spring. They are FINALLY home with their daughter. With weather delays the Mowen's couldn't stay an extra 24 hours:( Thankfully we could go and welcome Aliya Wefe home!

Sam was showing off his strong legs.

The Snyder family together at last. They live in Iowa so I'm sure we'll have a reunion!

Scotty loved Aliya and wanted to know when she and her brothers could come spend the night again.

So did Amelia and on the way home she requested a sister.... oh, my.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

McCoy Criddle Murray is 3

Our precious little Macker is becoming a big boy. We are crazy about him, spice and all. This weekend we told him he could be the boss of the family. He got decide everything. His first request... family bike ride to donuts at the french market.

At the donut table.


Did I mention that Sissy has mono. Poor girl! She couldn't bike the 7 miles so Scott and I took turns pulling these 2. It was no joke... we were exhausted.

That ride wore her out so she has a little rest.

Next request, Monkey Joe's. (Thank God for Groupon.) Open your eyes Macker. I am Mom.

Pure happiness.

The teenagers.

Macker has always been scared of the slide but NOT ANY MORE.

It's has birthday, he can do what he wants.

Mr. Joyful. Check out all those teeth.

Saturday night they went to the dollar movie theatre to see Mr. Poppers Penguins. Sunday morning we got up EARLY and raced to Dunkin Donuts to get Macker his favorite chocolate long john for his birthday morning breakfast in bed.

Happy birthday, Macker.

Open your eyes Macker. I am Mom.

Brothers! Open your eyes Macker. I am Mom.

Diaper still. Don't judge. Open your eyes Macker. I am Mom.


Scott and June left for church and Sam was sleeping so I took Mac and Sis to my room for showers. My phone rang and it was my dad. He was asking where we were because they were at our back door!!! Surprise!! They had driven all the way from Iowa to spend Macker's day with him. He was so happy!! Open your eyes, Macker. I am Mom.

He and Nanny made his cake. Open your eyes, Macker. I am Mom.

I got this Cars track at Target last fall (normally $89.00 clearance $19.99)and I've been saving it for Macker's birthday. Open your eyes, Macker. I am Mom.

The track totally stinks. They cars don't stay on and it's super hard to work. Oppps. Scott said he knows why it was so cheap. Who cares. Macker thought it was awesome and that's all the matters.

Next request... ChuckyCheese! Open your eyes Macker. I am Mom.

I won't tell you about how I got really excited to see Chucky and tripped over Sam's stroller and fell on my face. Open your eyes Macker. I am Mom.

Sam's first horse ride.




Yeah Sam.

Final request... Dairy Queen! Nice face Birthday Boy!
We love Macker and we're so thankful he's our son. (most of the time)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mr. Helmet

Since the first time we laid eyes on our little Samuel, back in January, we knew he had Plagiocephaly. I've been dreaming of the day that we could start to correct his little head and today is that day.

2 days after he came home from Ethiopia we met with his doctor for the first time.

3 weeks later we found out that our insurance would cover the entire cost of treatment. ($4000.00) We are so thankful!

We took Sammy to Cranial Technologies where they covered his head with pantyhose and took a million pictures.

My poor baby.

Today was finally the day! This picture is the first 2 seconds that he had it on. He was not a fan.

I'm so thankful that Junie and Sis were there to make him happy.

They helped him forget he had it on.

I love his face!

The rest of our day he has been doing pretty well. He's getting used to it, I think.

He will wear this one 23 and 1/2 hours a day for the next 3-5 months and then a second one for another 4 months.

Scotty told the doctor that it was awesome because now we didn't have to worry about his bike helmet that he didn't like wearing.

Please pray that his head will respond well to the helmet and that he will be able to tolerate it.