Sunday, March 29, 2009


I unzipped Macker to change his diaper and this is what I found. Is big Scott nuts!?
Sissy surprised Dad with a note on his waffle plate.

Amelia and Ava had a blast at the Children's Museum.

I don't think I used the right setting.

Sissy and Ava in their secret hideout.
I'm busted reading my People magazine....

What a big boy.

This picture is Sunday morning at 8:00am and I don't know if you can tell but it's SNOWING!! That's right, March 29th and snow. Neat. I bet it's 80 in Phoenix.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Hank and Haddie came from Iowa for some Chicago fun. Hanker slept in June's bed so he slept with Sissy. I think they're just about too big for that.
Up early and off to the train.
On the train.
Mr.Coy really likes his sister.
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All I said was stand by the American Diesel. Nice robot moves guys.
Our destination. The Field Museum. It was so awesome and we joined and now we're members. Sweet!
The picture was just for Uncle Thad.
See the big bear? Don't worry we explained that they were not alive now but they used to be alive. I heard Junie telling a little girl,
"The animals are all DEAD, all of them!"
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The Pirate Exhibit was the best! No cameras were allowed. This was at the exit.
They have a great kids area. 3 cute turtles.
One Robin. Not to be confused with our Robyn.
The sweetest little 2 year old turtle.

Sissy with some corn.
3 sweet cousins.
Awesome museum.
The view from the front door. It was a perfect day.
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Aunt Kers looks hot with Big Red.
Haddie was enjoying the grass.
Perfect cousin picture... ooops where's Haddie?

Sunday, March 22, 2009


We drove downtown because I found a sweet rug on Craigslist and we needed to check it out.

We found the bean. It was awesome! Our family.

Scott and Macker.


Really cool.


Our fam.

The Chicago sign. We walked for a while then took a cab to dinner.

Mr. Happy

We walked all the way back to the car bacause it was such a nice night and there was so much to see. Balancing beam.


Saw a horse.

Can you find Sissy and June?

Nice handle, Sissy.

Hey look, the letter A.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunny Day

The kids played in their "club house" because it was nice outside.
When Scott go home it was off to the museum for some fun.

Mac's not so sure about the mirror room.

Macker liked the disco ball.

And the air room.

Wierd mirror.