Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Easter was awesome this year! We dyed eggs.
Sammer loved it.
Sammer figured out how to peddle a big boy bike. 
Good brothers.
Sweet sissy. 
Good, Good Friday was awesome!
Our family had fun making an Easter craft.
My friend ann and her daughter Violet were amazing.
We hopped in the car and drive to CR. For a really fun day of nonstop fun!
Macker in the tree. 
Cousin picture!
Me and my fella 
Sammer and Cousin Teddy. 
Beautiful Easter brunch!
Bunny hop races!
On the roof. 
Adventure time a Bever Park.
Nanny and Papa were part of the fun!
Macker and June in the tree!
Dirty cousins!
Perfect jump!
Sweet Tillie!
Cousin Teddy!
Puppy drove us home.
Easter morning. 
Junie informed my that he's done matching. (Nooooooo)
Our neighbors came to church with us. 
Scott and Erik needed a nap. The end!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sis is the Nicest

I found this note today. 
I pray they always love each other!