Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 08

This morning started off with a party at Amelia's school.

I got to be a helper in her class and it was really fun to see everything.

Sissy the mummy.

The class.

Then this afternoon some friends came over and we walked to downtown Wheaton to Trick-or-Treat. They start at 3:00pm here. Weird.

My sweethearts.

Sissy and Junie wore the same costumes as last year and Macky Mac was a $5.00 bat.

Standing crazyface.

The amount of people was amazing, you have to see this video.

For you Mikele.

Scoot and Scoot.

They even had police directing traffic because of all the people downtown. Crazy.

Scott and Jeremy. (another Youth Pastor at our church)

Bat boy.

Bat Boy again.

Junie was running away from the dog and it was really funny.

Big orange pumpkin and our new friends.

I had Junie wear Sissy's ballet shoes because I didn't think anyone would see them and they would help his feet not get sore. Imagine the shock when he lost one of his yellow covers. Sorry manly man.

This is probably what he'll end up being as a grownup.

Wacko Harry Potter house.

Beautiful trees.


To make the night even better Lance came to visit.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What the...

Anyone want to guess what this firefighter was doing in our bedroom tonight?
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Cupcake

I got Mac this hat online. Can't decide if it's cute or strange.
Drove to the city. Not the best idea.
Junie and Sissy have been playing dress-up lately. I found this Prince Outfit (that's what Amelia calls it) at Goodwill. He loves it.
Getting married?!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Iowa Weekend

The kids and I drove to my parents for the weekend while Scott was busy with church stuff.
We woke up early so Amelia and my mom could make flapjacks and serve us on a tiny tea set.
Junie loved it.
Sissy and Papa. Notice Papa was eating hot dogs and string cheese. (he's on Atkins)
The family.

Saturday morning we all went to see the new High School Musical 3! It was awesome and Karoline and I cried twice. (happy tears)

When we got to the theatre Scotty was so excited he run right over to hug Troy and knocked over the entire display and broke it. No big deal he was just excited. That's why Nanny was standing behind to hold it up.

Oh, Nanny!
Ready for the movie. We got there really early to make sure we had good seats.
Cousin Hank being sweet to Mac.
The movie was so awesome June had to dance.
The weather was beautiful.

Mac and Haddie got a ride from Papa.

The cousins.
Each looking in a different direction?!?
Uncle Lee making Mac laugh.

Knee butts. These are for you Mikele. Don't you think they look like Katers?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Amelia and Ava

Amelia has a special friend at school and she's really nice.
We were invited to her gym class to watch her bowl.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

no title

I thought I found a sweet place to get the kids hair cut. Only $5.00 each. Worst. Haircuts. EVER! Thank God it will grow. Amelia showing off her new glove clips. Do you guys remember having those as kids? I do.
Junie, bad haircut, showing off the missionary he made at Bible Study. He kept chanting "We come in peace! We come in peace!"
Weighing poor Mac. I'm not that crazy, I only do it once a week.
Watching God Made Christmas together. I thought it was really cute till I looked closer. Sissy is busted.
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