Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

Our baby Junie turns 5 today!! We had a special time making cookies, just he and I.
Then the Harker family arrived from Iowa. We had a quick dance party then headed to Monkey Joe's.

Scott kept throwing June down by his toes.

Uncle Thad, Cousin Hanker, Scott and Scotty. Oh, yeah!! Happiness!

Hey, Snakeface.
Scary. Happy cousins. Ready for games.

First, Hot Potato.

Then Simon (Uncle Scott) Says.

Scavenger Hunt time!!
A clue...
The final prize!!

Happy Cousins!!

HAPPPPPINESSSS!!! DS and games. Thank you friends and family.

I-Touch with the little cousins.

Then Grandpa Tom arrived after driving 30 hours. We love him!! Fun at the park. So happy that there is still no snow.

Bike riding. Pure love. Tom is staying with us for the whole week!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Memorial Service

Saturday was a beautiful day and we got up early. Tom helped Scott get ready.

Sissy and her dad.

Grandpa and the gang.
Grandpa and his 6 grandkids at the service.

Scott sang this song (his mom asked him too) and one of his best buddies played the paino. He had a hard time singing but the entire audience joined in. It was a beautiful sevice. Grandma Karen will be greatly missed but her memory will last forever.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


We arrived in AZ early in the morning. Do you think June was happy to be there? Although we were sad to be in AZ to go to Grandma Karen's memorial service we enjoyed our time with family and friends.

We enjoyed the railroad park in the warm sunshine. (and bare feet)

We went for the coolest hike to one of Grandpa Tom's favorite mountains.

On the hike Amelia mentioned that it hurt to swallow. (hours later in an urgent care we discovered it was strep)

Wonderful Grandpa Tom. He was the best husband for 42 years!

Hey kids, remember don't touch the cactus. Thumbs up, Macker.

More hiking...

We left Amelia home at Grandpa's to rest and we met these crazies for lunch! Hellllo, In-in-Out!
These 2 might need to get married. Buddies for life!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

90% Off at Target

Ok, I know I'm way behind in all my blogging. We've been to AZ and then super sick and now we're better and just trying to catch up on life. But first, tonight our family was walking around Target (that's what you do in IL when it gets dark at 4:45pm. stinkin daylight savings...) Anyway, we wandered past the Halloween/junk isle and struck gold!
One female ref, one jail boy...
One large sailor boy and one little one.
One large baker and one tarzanish boy.

Sweet night, is it almost spring?
No costume was more than $1.75